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Grapple Saw
Grapple Saw

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hydraulic log grapple saw excavator cutter grapples grapple saw for excavator head saw

Parameter :

1. Grapple saw model: WYJ-100W

2. Weight: 656kg 3. Suitable Excavator model: 12-20 tons

4. Working pressure: 21~25 MPa 5. Rotary rive type: Vertical straight teeth, Hydraulic brake and 360°rotation.

6.Clamp drive type: Bunching grapple, Single cylinder and Double link

7.Clamping and cutting range: 135 to 520mm 8.Model saw motor: Parker F11-019-SB-CS-K-000-MUVL-BO

9.Chain model: NF25-80NL

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